Thursday, July 21, 2016

How Hispanics can beat Donald Trump

The answer to fighting or surviving any adversary
Is to take away the things they are using to hate you.So if his argument is illegal immigrants. I can't understand why you would give them such a bullet to use against you..Then the faster you start your paperwork for naturalization the faster he can't hurt you anymore.I am from Trinidad and it took me about 5 yrs to finish my Citizenship.
Truthfully at first I didn't even care.My mom told me it was important to my future,and you know mom is always right.
When I finally got it.It felt really good,plus I got a new name.
Work smarter not harder
Why run around all day mad protesting when you can be getting your enemies of your back.
IDK I did. NOW I no longer have to live in fear.
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