Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why Church is not going to get you in Heaven

The religions are all poisoned by man's will.the idea is to erase the names of these "gods" . We need to think like he started the ball rolling and left a template on how to get to him.he is not coming back,and he will not answer your prayers. The reason is because of the messiah (buddha,jesus,Mohammed,etc) They never said to worship them,they never said to worship at church. They said "live like i lived and you will get the rewards" So you dont need a bible,church,or any of those things. You do need to respect all his designs. That is a fact for any religion. I know you are done with your church. But don't give up on our humanity.Do good,and never let something around YOU happen without helping. The creator lives in a place that you need a high pure spirit to reach.pure spirit has no regrets
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